Leawood Residential Garage Door Repair

A garage is a place where we store our cars, tools, and other miscellaneous equipment and having a good quality garage door an ensure the safety of these belongings. Usually, garage doors are very complex and have numerous moving parts. Over time, one of these parts can become faulty, leading to several issues with your garage door such as unusual noise, cracks, or incomplete movement. For this circumstance, you need to have a good understanding of these issues to determine if they need repair or replacement. If your garage door system needs repair, it’s recommended to call a professional garage door repair and replacement company to inspect it and fix the problem. At, Leawood Garage Door, we are committed to helping the residents of Leawood, KS solve any issues with their garage doors. Whether you need professional residential garage door repair or replacement, we got you covered. Here are five garage door repair issues that require expert repair.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Do you have a garage door whose track is bent, warped or misaligned? If so, then this can be very dangerous. A garage door whose tracks are misaligned can get dislodged or fall suddenly leading to severe injuries to you or a member of your family. A garage door can also come off its tracks if the has damage to its cables or when you accidentally hit with your vehicle. If this happens, do not attempt to repair it on yourself. Instead, call in a professional garage door repair experts to safely fix the problem.

Automatic Opener Fails to Lower or Raise The Door

With the advent of automatic garage door openers, opening and shutting garage doors has become quite easy. While these openers are fantastic inventions, they can sometimes fail to work and make it difficult for you to access your garage. Sometimes, the root of the problem could be a power outage or even dead batteries. If the problem is not the power source, then it could be the motor itself that is faulty, and if this is the case, it will need a full replacement. It’s highly recommended to hire a garage door repair professional to take care of your opener repair or replacement. The need for a professional is a result of the specialized tools and expertise required to complete the job safely.

Spring Malfunctions

For your garage door to operate smoothly, the springs need to be finely tuned. However, over time the springs will wear out or even break leading to malfunctioning of your garage door. In this case, you need to hire an experienced garage door repair company to do your spring repair and replacement. If you try to replace the springs on yourself, you may get injured or make the problem even worse.

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